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ATTP Capital provides corporate and business advisory services to local companies, international companies doing business in Vietnam and the global and regional investment funds and ventures.

We intervene in all Asean countries and in Western Europe directly or through our partners' network.


Management & Strategy Consulting

We assist you in your effort to innovate, grow and adapt to changing environment. .

- Operational management consulting (process, performance and profitability improvement, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) design and implementation)

- Develop a global growth strategy in connection with our clients' management team

- Contribute to the continuing optimization of our clients' organizations, processes and funding, including the definition and, if needed, the execution of the restructuring plans.

- Help our family-business clients to manage the family enterprise and build lasting value for the next generation, from strategy and governance to business transition.

Merger & Acquisition (M&A)

We can intervene at all M&A stages :


- Pre-transaction : we help our clients to define and achieve strategic and financial objectives

- During the transaction: we advise on negotiation strategy, review due diligence conclusions, and evaluate the transaction's opportunity

- Post-transaction: we assist our clients in the execution of the transaction, particularly the definition of integration structure for the purchased entities and the elaboration and the conduct, if necessary, of the required restructuring operations.

Capital market

Our intervention includes:

- Identification and search for new capital funding (for the company) and for investment opportunities (for investors)

- Conduct of due diligence

- Direct investment in start-ups


All our interventions are subject to a prior written agreement with the client regarding the outcome of the mission and the corresponding fees. We practice success-based fees.

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