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In the context of an accelerated integration of Vietnam in the South East Asian region, with the beginning of 10-country Asean Economic Community planned for end 2015 and in the world economy with the coming signature of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement grouping 12 Pacific Rim countries representing 40% of global GDP and about 1/3 of world trade, ATTP Capital aims to actively participate in and push for the growth of Vietnam's small and medium enterprises through our corporate and business advisory services for i) the company's management ii) the foreign companies with planned business development in Vietnam or Asean iii) the regional and global investment funds.

Our advisory services include:

- Management consulting in particular with identification, elaboration and implementation of projects to improve profitability or performance.
- Strategy consulting, including the development of medium and long term business plan which could prepare the ground for future family business transition or IPO.
- Interventions in key stages of M&A (pre, during and post-transaction)
- Identification and search for new capital funding (for the company) and for investment opportunities (for investors)

We intervene in Vietnam and Asean countries and in western Europe directly or through our correspondants' network.

We are committed to building up our clients' trust and satisfaction. We practice success-based fees.

For all contacts:
ATTP Capital, Ltd
Hoi An City (Vietnam)
F: +84 510 393 3079 M: +84 168 324 8441





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