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Accelerate reforms to sustain strong private equity deal activity in Vietnam

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As Vietnam is still one of the bright spot of the world economy (+6.3% growth planned by WorldBank over 2016-2018), private equity funds continue to move to the country. Out of about 4 bn US$ private equity investments in Asean in 2015, the deals' value in Vietnam was only about 300 mn US$ but is expected to rise quickly to 500 mn - 1 bn US$ in the coming years.

Such evolution takes account of the attractivity of Vietnamese industries and the promising consumer markets for long term consumption growth. 


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A more effective privatisation of State-owned enterprises, a clear-cut business regulation particularly on the business sectors that are fully open to foreign ownership, the availability of debt finance for private equity investors and a more realistic valuation by local firms will contribute to develop further the potential of private equity in Vietnam.  


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